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If you are considering insuring or protecting yourself and your loved ones, you will want to consider the wide variety of products available to help you make the right decisions about protecting your family and their lifestyle. IFAs specialising in protection policies will work with you to ascertain your personal circumstances and requirements to advise you on the best products for you. The Money Advisory Bureau can put you in touch with only the highest rated IFA in your area with proven expertise in advising on personal insurance.

They have achieved the highest consumer and industry ratings for the integrity and quality of their service and will provide free, impartial and no obligation advice so you can make informed judgements about your personal insurance options.

An IFA specialising in advising on personal insurance can give you impartial advice on a range of issues including the following:

Life Insurance

This is an insurance policy that will pay either a lump sum or regular amounts on the death of the insured person. It is also possible to insure to receive the funds after a set period rather than upon death.

Private Medical Insurance

If you want to be treated at a time convenient to you and have a choice of advanced treatments, you may want to consider taking private medical insurance. It will reimburse you for all or some of the costs incurred to treat illnesses diagnosed after you have bought a policy.

Critical Illness

Critical illness cover will provide a lump sum cash payment in the event of certain illnesses and conditions of a certain severity. These include cancer, heart attack and stroke and the cover will help you to pay for treatment, pay off your mortgage or pay your household bills.

Income Protection

If you find yourself unable to work, income protection will pay you a tax-free monthly income to help you pay your mortgage, rent or bills. The risks covered include illness, accidents, involuntary redundancy and disability.

Personal insurance will give you peace of mind that you and your loved ones are protected if the unforeseen happens. IFAs can work with you to advise if any particular level of protection would be appropriate for you and your family to maintain lifestyles.

All the IFAs recommended by us are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) which means that they are qualified to give unbiased, independent and professional advice. They will be the highest rated advisors in your area dealing with personal insurance and will give you a free telephone consultation and advice on the whole market. For instance, you may wish to obtain free advice about the following:

  • How much income would my family need to maintain standard of living?
  • Should I consider ‘term’ or ‘whole of life’ insurance?
  • What’s the value of private medical insurance?
  • What type of health insurance is most appropriate for me?
  • What can a healthcare cash plan cover me for?
  • An IFA can answer these and all your queries about personal insurance to help you get the best deals.

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