Inheritance Tax

For inheritance tax planning and advice, request a free, no obligation phone consultation with a local financial advisor.

Planning ahead for when you die allows you to maximise inheritance tax reliefs and any exemptions that you may be due. Financial advisors specialising in inheritance tax planning can save you tens of thousands of pounds with perfectly legal ways to avoid paying it. Financial Advisor Bureau can put you in touch with advisors in your area with proven expertise in inheritance tax advice.

They are fully regulated and will provide free, impartial and no obligation advice so you can make informed judgements about your inheritance tax liability.

A financial advisor can give you impartial inheritance tax advice on a range of issues including the following:

Making a Will

Making a will and ensuring your loved ones know where to find it will ensure your estate is divided as you intend in the event of your death.

If you have complex financial affairs, you will need financial and legal advice.

Inheritance Tax Exemptions

You will need to get financial advice about which gifts will be exempt from inheritance tax. Making the right decisions at this stage could save you thousands of pounds by not retaining all your wealth until you die which would then be subject to inheritance tax should you breach the exemption threshold.

Giving Your Home Away

If you want to give your home away to your children or anyone else while you are still alive, seek regulated advice.

Giving to Charity

Please not that a ‘qualifying’ charity is one that is recognised as a charity for tax purposes by HM Revenue and Customs.

Trusts and Inheritance Tax

You may want to use a trust to pass your assets on to others, in particular your children. If your estate is over the inheritance tax threshold, gifts into the trust may still be subject to inheritance tax.

The rules regarding trusts can be very complex and HMRC advise that you seek professional advice.


Regulated financial advisors can ensure you and your loved ones make the most of the complicated inheritance tax rules. A free consultation should be the starting point to saving thousands of pounds by legally avoiding paying inheritance tax and financial advisors can help you with the factors to consider so you can put plans in place now rather than panicking later.

All advisors recommended are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which means that they are qualified to give professional advice on matters regarding inheritance tax planning and will give you a free telephone consultation. For instance, you may wish to obtain free advice about the following:

  • Will I have to pay inheritance tax?
  • Who should I make the beneficiaries to my will to be most tax efficient?
  • What are the various inheritance tax thresholds that might affect me?
  • Do the thresholds change if I’m married / divorce?
  • Am I able to reduce my inheritance tax bill?
  • What are the rules on leaving gifts while I am still alive?
  • Can I gift anything to my children now and avoid inheritance tax?
  • What are the advantages of using a trust to pass on my assets?
  • A financial advisor can answer these and all your queries about inheritance tax and how it will affect you.

Simply complete the form to get your free, no obligation telephone consultation with a regulated financial advisor near you specialising in inheritance tax planning.